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  • 2-day course delivered in Liverpool;
  • Level 3 Award;
  • Accredited by a nationally recognised awarding body;
  • Certificates granted sooner than any other provider;
  • Delivered by experienced trainers and phlebotomists;
  • Leads onto Live Bloods and Advanced courses
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Level 3 Award: Introduction to Phlebotomy Practices & Techniques

This 2-day course is delivered in Liverpool, and teaches you all you need to be able to perform the venepuncture procedure and set you on the right course to becoming a professional phlebotomist.
It is one of the only courses in the country accredited by a nationally recognised awarding body, the NCFE, which ensures the quality of the teaching and assessment, making it a valuable asset on your CV.

Who Is It For?

This 2 day course is designed for complete beginners with no healthcare/medical experience required but it is also suitable for experienced clinicians, who have never received formal training, looking to reaffirm their knowledge and skills.

What Will I Learn?

The course teaches three units over 30 hours, including 15 hours (2-days) of classroom training, and roughly 15 hours of home study:

Unit 1: Understanding the Role of the Phlebotomist;
Unit 2: Understanding Phlebotomy Practices and Techniques;
Unit 3: Applying Basic Phlebotomy Practices and Techniques

These units, and the contents of the course have been developed in line with the CH132 National Occupational Standard for Obtaining Venous Blood Samples, (written by ‘Skills for Health’ for the NHS).

Day 1:

Day 1 is about the theory of phlebotomy. You will cover:

  • The roles and legal responsibilities of the phlebotomist;
  • Health and safety in the phlebotomy working environment;
  • The importance of gaining informed consent;
  • How to control the spread of infection;
  • How to use and apply a tourniquet;
  • How to deal with a Needle Stick Injury (NSI);
  • The possible complications of venepuncture, and how to deal with them;
  • The anatomy associated with venepuncture;
  • Selecting an appropriate site for venepuncture.

Our trainers are skilled at making the day a fun experience, with many practical exercises and group discussions. You will get to know your fellow students, and work as a team.

Home Study Assignment:

You will be given a number of short written assignments to take home and complete during the evening of day 1. In the morning there will be time to go through your answers with the assessors, and clarify any points.

These assignments ensure that what you have learnt has sunk in, and encourage you to use the course handbook, and external references to top-up your learning through independent investigation.

Day 2:

Day 2 is devoted to practical work, you will cover:

  • Assembling the needle and the correct techniques to hold the needle;
  • The entire venepuncture procedure (including patient care before and after the procedure);
  • How to use a variety of systems (Evacuated, Aspiration and Butterfly).

You will work through the procedure as a group before breaking off to role-play with a partner. You will use state of the art equipment, including wearable pads and artifical arms, with accurate veins and ‘blood’. You will not be drawing blood from your partners. The day will end with a final practical assessment, taking you through a real world role-play scenario.


We order certificates once per month from our accredited provider (NCFE) and as soon as these are received we send these straight out to our learners. We can also issue attendance certificates if required for employers or interviews.

The certificate is valid for 2 years from the date of the course. Within 2 years most people will have accumulated enough experience to surpass this qualification, however, if you feel you need to refresh your skills, for your own personal development, or because you are out of practice, we do offer a shorter refresher course.

What are the course entry requirements?

You do not need any prior qualifications or experience to take part in this course.

The award is a level 3 qualification, so it is deemed to be of a similar difficulty to A Levels. It is preferable if you have at least a Level 2 (GCSE) qualification before starting this course, but not necessary.

You will be asked to complete several written assignments as part of the course assessment. If you feel you may need extra help to complete these assignments, because of a learning or physical disability, you can let us know in the course application form which is emailed to you when you book the course. 


The course venue details will be emailed to you two weeks prior to the course date with the exact location. Usually our Liverpool courses are located near John Lennon Airport.

How Do I Book Onto The Course?

You can book the course by simply adding the course to your basket. You will be taken to the check out where you can fill in a few details, and pay using your credit / debit card or paypal account.

Alternatively you can call our office and we can get this booked over the phone 01332 380777.

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July 2024


Introductory course

50 reviews for Liverpool / 27-28 July

  1. Gemma Elder

    Brilliant course ! Really informative. Made me feel at ease, and confident for future procedures. Thanks very much !

  2. Linda McCall

    Excellent course, feel able to take bloods confidently and safely, would recommend this course thank you !!!

  3. Elaine Searcy

    Sarah was fantastic, very informative and professional. She gave me a lot of confidence.

  4. Leanne O'Brien

    A big thank you to Sarah for a excellent weekend, i had no confidence and now have all the confidence i need.

  5. Ellen Ward

    Course director very Knowledgeable & friendly.

  6. Aimee Smith

    Dot is an amazing trainer. she is so full of life and energy and makes the course so fun and enjoyable. Dot is so knowledgeable and gives great tips and advise. Thank you so much Dot !! Very lovely lady !

  7. Leanne Armstrong

    Dot was excellent, Thank you ? I have had a great 2 days

  8. Laura Murphy

    The course was very interesting, i feel i have gained a lot of knowledge & confidence from Dot teaching and feels as though i'am ready to put into practice. Amazing Assessor.

  9. Zoe Walmsley

    The course was great, Dot was great & very encouraging and made it fun, Very enjoyable.

  10. Izabela Turek

    The course was very good but the assessor was absolutely brilliant. She made the medical part very enjoyable. Boosted my confidence. First Class.

  11. Lindsay Traynor

    Very useful, felt more confident with my technique. Assessors very helpful, approachable and supportive.

  12. Rebecca Williams

    Very lovely and supportive

  13. Kaitona Poa - Taous

    Very relaxed yet focused environment, easy to ask questions to the leaders.

  14. Maaria Rashid

    The whole course delivery was excellent and very insightful.

  15. Fay Rooney

    Found the course very good and interesting. The training was brilliant and so were the trainers.

  16. Jake Hodgson

    Very useful. Refresher boasted confidence. Assessors very friendly and informative.

  17. Gemma L

    Fantastic course and fantastic instructors - very welcoming and informative and gave me confidence to perform procedure effectively.

  18. Samantha Phillips

    Sarah and Dot were amazing and really knowledgeable. They helped me to feel relax and confident.

  19. Abbey Murphy

    Sarah was very professional and informative and make me feel at ease as I was so nervous! 🙂

  20. Kerrie House

    Sarah was an amazing tutor, very informative. I would definitely recommend this course to others. Thank you!

  21. Hannah L

    The tutor Sarah was really lovely and made me feel so welcome and at ease.

  22. Savannah Hale


  23. Sophie Macormac

    Sarah was very friendly throughout the course.

  24. Chelsea Atkins

    Sarah made it enjoyable and was amazing

  25. April Edwards

    Tutor very approachable and knowledgeable

  26. Alice Varity

    Really enjoyed the course, sarah was great

  27. Katherine Murray

    Vicky was so welcoming and supportive throughout the course. She put us at ease and presented the course at an appropriate level, accounting for experiences of learners. I felt confident and competent at the end of the course.

  28. Barbara Smith

    Wonderful Course - enjoyed the trainer

  29. Kim Sharples

    Really enjoyed the course as I was very at the beginning. I was very supported by the trainer and felt great after getting the bloods.

  30. sara Hamid

    Very enthusiastic and friendly.

  31. Sherrell Austin

    Very friendly, explained everything really well thanks so much,

  32. Haley Mcpadden

    I have really enjoyed this course I have really learnt a lot. It was very thorough, the assessor was great and the group were lovely.

  33. codie schofield

    Had a lot of fun, you have given me so much confidence! Thank you so much! <3

  34. amy johnston-cree

    Really enjoyed it thank you so much!

  35. Leanne Emanuel

    I really enjoyed this course, I was very nervous and the trainer really put me at ease. I would really recommend this course to other people.

  36. emma buchan

    Overall the course was great, I would highly recommend.
    The course trainer was brilliant with a phenomenal personality. She was incredibly informative and supportive. Overall a great introduction into phlebotomy. I feel i have the confidence to perform venepuncture to a high standard.

  37. Victoria naylor

    I found the trainer and excellent teacher. She is very knowledgeable and encouraging and made us all feel relaxed. She made the course so interesting and has inspired me to go further with my career.

  38. annette lever

    I would definitely recommend this course to others.

  39. jody lloyd

    the trainer was very welcoming, knowledgeable, approachable and meticulous about detail. I felt confident growing throughout the course. Thank You 🙂

  40. Emma Buchan

    Overall the course was great. Iwould highly recommend. Course instructor Julie was brilliant with a phenomenal personality. She was incredibly informative and supportive. Overall a great intro into phlebotomy and i felt i have the confidence to perform venepuncture to a high standard in a clinical research lab.

  41. Leanne Emanuel

    I really enjoyed the course, i was very nervous and andJjulie really put me at ease. Would recommend this to other people.

  42. Amy Johnston

    Really enjoyed it, Thank you very much!

  43. Codie Schofield

    Had a lot of fun, you have given me confidence!
    Thank you so much

  44. Jody LLoyd

    Julie was welcoming, knowledgeable approachable & meticulous about detail. Felt confidence growing throughout the course. Thankyou.

  45. Mathius Lim

    There was a lot of time dedicated to practise and direct advice and guidance was readily available, great support and instruction.

  46. Victoria Naylor

    I find Julie an excellent teacher. She is very knowledgeable. She is very encouraging and makes us feel relaxed. Julie made the course so interesting and she's inspired me to go further with my career.

  47. Camille Abada

    All Good, assessor is enthusiastic and provides real life scenarios which has ben useful.

  48. joanne johnson

    Very knowledgeable and experienced in training. At one point I became quite upset with how i was doing and she made me do better despite my embarrassment and worry.

  49. Erykah Driver

    Julie was amazing and very passionate about her job. She made me feel very comfortable and confident in what i was taught - thank you Julie!

  50. Maria Williams

    Very friendly and enjoyable course, made to feel at ease right away.

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