This is what people who have attended our courses have to say…

“Very happy with the course! Will recommend to friends, Thank you!”

Cara Brownrigg - 13/14th March

“I have really enjoyed this course best course I have ever done”

Iqra Mahmood - 13/14th March

“Dot is an amazing tutor. She’s so knowledgeable and helpful. I feel like I’ve learned so much more due to her excellent training, skill set and knowledge. I would seriously recommend anyone to do this course, particularly if Dot is teaching you.!”

Bal Kong-Mohr - 27/28th February

“Really enjoyed the course, Dot was lovely and made the course over the 2 days very comfortable and made her skills very easy for us to understand. If I was to come to the live lesson, I’d definitely opt for Dot”

Rachel Shaw - 27/28th February

“Really lovely and helpful. Made everyone feel relaxed and good information was provided on potential careers, thank you.”

Raheem Sarwar - 8/9th February

“Loved the course, can not believe the process and satisfaction from learning a new skill in just 2 days. The trainer was absolutely fab, you made everyone feel at ease and made the course amazing, loved it!”

Joanne Ainslie - 8/9th February

“I was very impressed with the trainers delivery, her confidence and knowledge was very good. I felt comfortable in learning and feel comfortable going forward with my new skill. Thank you very much Ellysha, I love my new skill.”

Bronwyn Rigby - 1/2nd February

“The trainer explained everything in a way that made it really easy to understand. Her personality is amazing, so she made the whole experience enjoyable and made you feel confident in taking blood..”

Cerin Lucy Brain - 11/12th January

“Very informative and great teaching techniques.”

Michelle Joyce - 11/12th January

“Nothing requires improvement in my opinion. I would like to emphasis that the trainer Dot is very brilliant. Great sense of humour and very intellectual. I enjoyed my training, it was very interesting.”

Tanyah Buchanan - 14/15th December

“Brilliant tutor, made me feel at ease. Really enjoyed the course, definitely recommend.”

Michelle Collett - 14/15th December

“Brilliant trainer, taught well. Concise and clear!”

Sam Treadway - 7/8th December

“Very good! I feel confident to be taking bloods after the course”

Charlotte Pitcher - 7/8th December

“Fantastic motivated trainer, offering great phlebotomy training in a great and friendly atmosphere.”

Kristian Buenaventura - 23/24th November

“Tutor was great, lots of support and friendly.”

Eden Blankley - 23/24th November

“I really enjoyed the course, I learnt so many things that helped me understand and make me more confident about phlebotomy”

Junatur Nasa - 23/24th November

“Excellent learning! Very happy 🙂 ”

Hafsa Mohamud - 23/24th November

“Dot was extremely lovely, very patient! Learned a lot and I understand everything I needed to know. I am very confident now to start my new career in Phlebotomy, knowing I have learnt the technique and no worries.”

Courtney Marie Pattison-Dexter- 12/13th October

“Loved the course and have learnt a lot! Thank you!”

Shannen Roberts - 12/13th October

“Excellent training”

Fransisca cafumana - 21/22nd September

“Everything was good, polite behaviour of the tutor, brilliant course, thank you!”

Balqees Roger - 21/22nd September

“Very good training! The instructions were clearly given. Thank you to Sarah for all her help and being patient with me!”

Julianna Guardiero - 21/22nd September

“Left feeling confident, Sarah was very friendly and explained everything very well, will be recommending the course to others, very pleased ?”

Holly Irving - 21/22nd September

“Dot is great, very good overall! Great Trainer!”

Christina Kalovidouri - 17/18th August

“Found the course to be very interesting, good communication and explained well”

Carole Murphy - 31/1st September

“The trainer is highly experienced and able to specialize, lovely lady, thank you! She gave us all the information about the course.”

Abdul Tohmeh - 17/18th August

“Very enjoyable course with a helpful tutor, Dot was excellent!”

Bernadetter Tyhaw - 17/18th August

“Dot is very good in her teaching technique. She is cheerful and helped me understand the role of a phlebotomist, thank you Dot!”

Kshitiz Limbo – 3/4th August

“The course was very useful, amazing!”

Hala Elmajnoun – 3/4th August

“The 2 days were such fun, Dot is amazing. Really friendly, knowledgeable and professional. Thoroughly enjoyed the course and looking forward to the future with my new found skills!!”

Pippa Bown – 3/4th August

“Dot is absolutely amazing, couldn’t have wished for a better assessor/tutor. Thank you so much!”

Leah Askew– 3/4th August

“Dot is amazing, very friendly and down to earth. Very helpful and makes you feel relaxed and at ease. Felt like I achieved what I wanted & have learned so much.”

Kirsty Nicoll – 3/4th August

“Having this experience in a real GP surgery really helped me when it came to having interviews. I was able to see how systems work in real time, and refer to my real experiences, which helped me get a job just a few weeks later. And the confidence I got from taking blood from so many people was invaluable. Well worth the money.”

Grace Roberts – Taking Bloods In A Live Environment

"Thank you Dot, amazing! 🙂 "

Jessica Morgan - Advanced Course - 22nd July

"Dot has so much knowledge and is really patient. Great at providing tips too, thank you!"

Stephanie Hazelton - Advanced Course - 22nd July

"Loved this, thank you!"

Katherine Thomas - Advanced Course - 22nd July

"Fab tutors - the course was very interesting & I learnt a great insight to being a phlebotomist. No improvements needed."

Antonia Faulds - Introduction Course - 20/21st July

"Great course, very informative - came away feeling confident, thank you!"

Olivia Megram - Introduction Course - 20/21st July

"Sarah was very good, explained clearly and Dot was very helpful with career opportunities."

Noreen Mirza - Introduction Course - 20/21st July

"Dot was fantastic, put everyone at ease. Full of knowledge and I am looking forward to doing my advanced course with her."

Tracy Richardson - Introduction Course - 6/7th July

"On starting the course I was very nervous having a massive phobia of needles but by the end of the course I have confidence and am not so afraid anymore. "

Wendy Mannion - Introduction Course - 6/7th July

" I think Dot is an amazing tutor. I've learnt a lot on this course and feel so confident and Dot made me so comfortable. "

Rebeka Drew - Introduction Course - 6/7th July

" I am very happy, finished the 2 days Level 3 phlebotomy skills in Derby. I have to say a very big thank you, they provided the best skills."

Karolina Hruby - Introduction Course - 6/7th July

"Very happy with the tutor and course. Feel more confident on phlebotomy after the course."

Iryna Sangar - Introduction Course - 6/7th July

"I'd recommend the course to my colleagues, Dot was very good."

Nikolay Chochev - Introduction Course - 21/22nd June

"Very good tutors, helping, encouraging and enjoyed every minute of it, thank you!"

Jinisha Sural - Introduction Course - 15/16th June

"Dot was a great tutor, very easy going and approachable but knowledgeable at the same time. She made me feel very comfortable and confident and gave me lots of advice "

Maria Bugaeg - Introduction Course - 8th/9th June

"Lovely course tutor, very welcoming, made the course a enjoyable experience."

Abbie Garner - Introduction Course - 8th/9th June

"Very enjoyable course, Dot was very approachable and helpful. She made it a very approachable environment and I was happy to ask questions. Thank you Dot, your very knowledgeable. "

Alethea Bartlett - Introduction Course - 8th/9th June

"Fantastic course, fantastic instructors, very welcoming, informative and gave me the confidence to perform the procedure effectively."

Gemma Laing - Introduction Course - 11th/12th May

"Sarah was very professional and informative and made me feel at ease, given that i was so nervous :)"

Abbey Mirphy - Introduction Course - 11th/12th May

"The tutor Sarah was really lovely, made me feel so welcome and at ease when it came to the assessments."

Hannah Luna - Introduction Course - 11th/12th May

"I would definitely recommend this course to someone. I learnt a lot, very glad I did the course. "

Sophie Zucchini - Introduction Course - 27th/28th April

"Very good, enjoyed myself."

Sarah Parker - Introduction Course - 27th/28th April

"The assessors were really good and had an amazing personality. They explained everything so well and clear. I was comfortable and really happy with this course, I understood everything."

Samia Nazir - Introduction Course - 27th/28th April

"The course was very very good. Dot the trainer is one of the best trainers I've ever seen. She's brilliant at her job, very informative and made it very clear and interesting."

Jacqueline Tibble - Introduction Course - 13th/14th April

"Very friendly and informative."

Dawn Mann - Refresher Course - 24th March

"Just a few words about my two day's phlebotomy course Leeds. Was a fabulous weekend. So glad I did this, was on my list to do for yrs. Sarah Jackson helps you all the way to make sure you understand the course feel comfortable with any questions need to know. Passed with 100 percent confidence. Thank you so much."

Julie Cartwright - Introduction Course - 23rd/24th March

"It was a great experience with our instructor Dot, thanks."

Taous Hamel - Advanced Course - 11th March

"In regards to the phlebotomy course, it was good! The tutor was very clear in information delivery and great personality."

Jason Williams - Advanced Course - 11th March

"Dot was a very friendly and helpful teacher, she made us feel confident and at ease, thank you!"

Ellie Froggatt- Introduction Course - 9th/10th March

"The trainer made me feel comfortable and at ease, clearly spoke so subjects were very understandable and legible. Would recommend Dot for training, any questions and queries Dot answered professionally. "

Carole Anne Dennis - Introduction Course - 9th/10th March

"Dot was great, would love to do another course with her again. She very clearly explained everything, she would go over it again if needed. She was amazing! "

Samantha Stapleton - Introduction Course - 9th/10th March

"Excellent training by the trainer, detailed step by step guidance, very understanding. Lots of knowledge, absolutely brilliant."

Sunita Rana - Introduction Course - 23rd/24th February

"Very useful, felt more confident with my technique. Assessors very helpful, approachable and supportive"

Lindsay Traynor - Refresher Course - 17th February

"Very lovely & supportive"

Rebecca Williams - Introduction Course - 16th/17th February

"The whole course delivery was excellent and very insightful"

Maaria Rashid - Introduction Course - 16th/17th February

"Very useful. Refresher boasted confidence and assessors were friendly and informative"

Jake Hodgson - Refresher Course - 17th February

"Both Sarah & Dot were amazing! Made me feel at ease and comfortable. I am very happy with everything!"

Lisa Kaur - Introduction Course - 26th/27th January 19

"I loved this course, the tutor was brilliant!"

Samantha Barton - Introduction Course - 26th/27th January 19

"Had a great time, very professional and informative."

Karen Bates - Introduction Course - 26th/27th January 19

"Course tutors were co-operative and very patient."

Zeeshan Mushtaq - Introduction Course - 26th/27th January 19

"The assessor was very professional which makes it easier to understand the course."

Alexandru Stanescu - Introduction Course - 12th/13th January 19

"Course tutor was very helpful and informative. She gave confidence and support. Easy venue to find, good facilities. Enjoyed the 2 days as well as feeling confident in what I'm doing."

Tia Cooper - Introduction Course - 12th/13th January 19

"Really enjoyed this course. Can't wait to start a new career."

Jessica Blake - Introduction Course - 12th/13th January 19

“Dot has really helped me become confident and she was very clear about all the information. The course was interesting and very fun at the same time.”

Salina Sadiq – Introduction & Advanced Course – 19th/20th/21st December 2018

“The course was very informative and made me feel confident to perform the procedure.”

Samantha Dooley – Introduction Course 8th/9th December 2018

“Excellent learning environment, good pace, just the right amount of people (11), great atmosphere, relaxed but informative.”

Alison Fitzpatrick – Introduction Course 8th/9th December 2018

“Excellent course, very clear and delivered well.”

Kristine Shaw – Introduction Course 8th/9th December 2018

“I thoroughly enjoyed the course. Sarah was very informative, helpful and very pleasant.”

Lorraine Ellwood – Introduction Course 3rd/4th November 2018

“A big thank you to Sarah for a excellent weekend, I had no confidence and now I have all the confidence I need.”

Leanne O’Brien – Introduction Course 27th/28th October 2018

“Really enjoyed the course and gained a lot of knowledge.”

Nagina Akhtar – Introduction Course 20/21st October 2018

“Really enjoyed the course and its layout. I felt that the information given was clearly explained for all abilities and practically was fun too!”

Stacey Reed-Butler - 13/14th March

“Had a great time learning, tutor was patient and her training methods and general approach is awesome.”

Faisal Murtaza - 27/28th February

“Was very nervous on the course but the trainer made me feel so at ease, training was really good.”

Lorraine Draper - 8/9th February

“Have really enjoyed the course, the understanding was good, very friendly and laid back. No pressure and overall a very excellent course, it was worth traveling to attend”

Zoe Osmond - 8/9th February

“Really informative and supportive”

Amy Willis - 1/2nd February

“The trainer is incredible, she made me feel at ease and it didn’t matter how much equipment we used she told us to just keep going until we felt confident, so pleased I took the leap and did the course.”

Francesca Edwards - 11/12th January

“Course was delivered very well, assessor was very informative and engaging, course was very enjoyable.”

Jamie - Lee Stephenson - 11/12th January

“The trainer is a very lovely lady, she explained everything well. The training was very enjoyable and interesting.”

Natalie Lee - 14/15th December

“This was the best course I’ve ever been on. I’ve felt relaxed and at ease throughout, and Dot was the best tutor I could have asked for!”

Elysia Gray - 14/15th December

“The course is great, really enjoyed it. Very informative, plenty of equipment and support. Would strongly recommend, very happy! 🙂 .”

Janette Pendleton - 7/8th December

“Sarah was very informative and very patient and good at explaining in detail. I very much enjoyed the course.”

Jack Keenan - 7/8th December

“I thoroughly enjoyed all of this course, the staff were absolutely lovely and helpful”

Laura Prince- 7/8th December

“A very good course, highly recommendable, great assessors, really enjoyed it. Thank you x”

Jotshna Hoque - 23/24th November

“Really enjoyed the course 🙂 ”

Sudha Modhvadia - 23/24th November

“I learnt a lot on this course, Dot explained to us clearly and helped me build up my confidence which helped me a lot.”

Runa Mian - 23/24th November

“Training was good and perfect, great tutor with outstanding personality”

Vanessa Eboreime - 12/13th October

"Fantastic and very informative course I really enjoyed. Our assessor Sarah was brilliant."

Monika Letowska - 21/22nd September

"Well done, it was an amazing course"

Marineide Melo da Silva - 21/22nd September

"The trainers Sarah and Dot were fantastic. I was very impressed with how they put me at ease and their professionalism."

Margaret Phillips - 31/1st September

"Sarah and Dot were amazing, very knowledgeable and I feel confident and ready to put my new skills into practice."

Alex Hartley - 31/1st September

"Great retraining on my old skills, thank you! x"

Jane Bulloch - 18th August (Refresher Course)

"Dot was great, explained everything clearly until I was sure that I understood. Practical work was brilliant."

Molly Longdon- 17/18th August

"I really enjoyed the course. Dot was very engaging and explained everything clearly. She was very supportive and has given me the confidence to progress and apply for jobs in the field of Phlebotomy."

Geeta Bhagwanani - 17/18th August

"Great trainers, kind caring, information & knowledgeable"

Michael Keet - 17/18th August

"I enjoyed this course and it was very informative and helpful for me. Dot is an amazing person and has got good teaching skills and is a friendly person"

Atiya Qureshi – 3/4th August

"Brilliant, really enjoyed the course, thank you Dot!."

Lana Wardle - Chadwick – 3/4th August

"Lovely tutor, builds your confidence with her approach. Very generous with her time.."

Kerry Dontay – 3/4th August

"Loved doing this course, Dot made me feel so at ease but professional at the same time. Would do it again and recommend. Wish it was longer as enjoyed it so much."

Nichola Nelson – 3/4th August

"The tutor was amazing, explained and showed everything perfect, had a wonderful personality and helped our a lot. Equipment was also fantastic to practice on."

Samia Nazir - Advanced Course - 22nd July

"Amazing course, Dot made it fun and relaxing to learn. Her knowledge is second to none."

Ionie Joy Hall- Advanced Course - 22nd July

"I would highly recommend, thanks Dot"

Sarah Parker - Advanced Course - 22nd July

"Really enjoyed the course. Very informative & relaxed but I learnt a lot. Thank you Sarah & Dot."

Anam Farooq - Introduction Course - 20/21st July

"Trainers are very knowledgeable and give good tips. Provide great techniques"

Stephanie Hazelton - Introduction Course - 20/21st July

"I had a really good time doing phlebotomy training with Sarah. She was amazing and explained everything nicely."

Sabrina Chowdhury - Introduction Course - 20/21st July

"Excellent support, clear and concise way of teaching."

Aysha Rashida - Introduction Course - 20/21st July

"Really enjoyed the course. Dot made the whole experience very relaxed and stress free. I feel confident to get stuck straight in to work."

Vanessa Ford - Introduction Course - 6/7th July

"Miss Dot was very excellent and helpful in all areas, i have learnt a lot. The practical was excellent and I am very confident.."

Doreen Gordon - Introduction Course - 6/7th July

"Thank you Dot & Guv for great delivery and support, during this course you truly have helped me to come our of my comfort zone considering I do not like speaking in large groups and needles. Continue doing your great work.."

Delia Smith - Introduction Course - 6/7th July

"I have enjoyed listening to Dot and I am very grateful with the advice and hands on training she gave. I would recommend this course to others."

Christopher Coore - Introduction Course - 6/7th July

"Personally I think everything was perfect. The facilities which you provided were absolutely brilliant and I enjoyed the two day training there. Especially as Dot was a brilliant instructor."

Zmary Shinwari- Introduction Course - 21/22nd June

"Dot was a brilliant help and gave us a wonderful course with good guidance."

Casey Sloper - Introduction Course - 21/22nd June

"Enjoyed the course, lovely trainers"

Ruksana Jan - Introduction Course - 15/16th June

"Really enjoyed the course"

Jemma Parker - Introduction Course - 8/9th June

"Excellent tutor, very informative and approachable!"

Jagbir Kaur - Introduction Course - 8/9th June

"Dot made the course informative and fun"

Tracy Faulkner - Introduction Course - 8/9th June

"Sarah and Dot were amazing. Really knowledgeable and helped me feel relaxed and confident. "

Samantha Phillips - Introduction Course - 11th/12th May

"Sarah was an amazing tutor, very informative. I would definitely recommend this course to others, thank you!"

Kerrie House - Introduction Course - 11th/12th May

"Sarah was a very good tutor, explained everything thoroughly and made it very easy to understand."

Cheryl Bayley - Introduction Course - 27th/28th April

"Sarah was amazing, she made the course fun but very informative and educational. Really enjoyed the practical. I have already booked onto the Advanced course. "

Ionie Hall - Introduction Course - 27th/28th April

"I thought the training was 100% spot on and I feel like I've learnt a lot in this course. The course was explained really accurate and the trainers were very lovely and professional. "

Helen Fitzgerald - Introduction Course - 27th/28th April

"Great course, Dot was amazing."

Louise Burtenshaw - Introduction Course 13th/14th April

"Excellent teacher/trainer and course. I learnt so much and enjoyed the two days"

Manminder Johal - Introduction Course 13th/14th April

"Very good and fun course, confidence builder."

Amelia Luke-Storrod - Introduction Course 6/7th April

"Thoroughly enjoyed the course, very good."

Paula Burton - Introduction Course 23/24th March

"Lovely tutor, informative and full of knowledge, thank you."

Andrea Day - Advanced Course - 11th March

"Dot our course leader was absolutely excellent, over and above my expectations!"

Gwen Blundell - Advanced Course - 11th March

"Course was delivered very well, Dot made me feel at ease and competent at taking bloods"

Donna Bunting - Introduction Course - 9th/10th March

"Dot was very helpful & informative - ensured that everyone understood what was being taught. It was good to practice taking bloods from the equipment to identify which methods was best for us to use on patients."

Elise Faulkner - Introduction Course - 9th/10th March

"I was very nervous about joining the course - there wasn't any need. Dot the assessor was great at putting everyone at ease, she made it very interesting & informative - Brilliant!"

Eileen McHugh - Introduction Course - 9th/10th March

"Overall wonderful course to part take in"

Tiara Shine - Introduction Course - 23rd/24th February

"Very relaxed yet focused environment, easy to ask questions to the trainers"

Kaitona Poa-Taous - Introduction Course - 16th/17th February

"Found the course very good and interesting, training was brilliant and so were the trainers"

Fay Rooney - Refresher Course - 17th February

"Sarah and Dot are both fantastic tutors, so much to learn but it was really helpful and a steady rate throughout, definitely recommend doing this."

Anita Guy - Introduction Course - 26th/27th January 19

"Have thoroughly enjoyed this course, the assessors are lovely and very helpful. Can not believe I have passed, thank you!"

Karen Taylor - Introduction Course - 26th/27th January 19

"Fab staff, really helpful and calming when feeling nervous. Would highly recommend."

Hannah Inglehearn - Introduction Course - 26th/27th January 19

"Very good, thank you!"

Heena Muhumd - Introduction Course - 26th/27th January 19

"Both tutors are very good, I enjoyed the course."

Asma Khanum - Introduction Course - 26th/27th January 19

"The assessor was brilliant, approachable and friendly guiding us throughout the course. She makes me comfortable in holding the needle."

Maylin Parcon - Introduction Course - 12th/13th January 19

"Dot is a fun, helpful assessor which makes you feel very comfortable from start to finish. She makes sure you are confident with what you are doing."

Caroline Orpin - Introduction Course - 12th/13th January 19

“This course was very educational to me and Dot was a wonderful teacher and made sure I was confident before leaving.”

Danielle Stevens – Introduction & Advanced Course – 19th/20th/21st December 2018

“Excellent – Very patient and approachable – so helpful!! Would definitely recommend this course, loved it!”

Kerry Fletcher – Introduction Course – 19th/20th December 2018

“The course was fantastic – Sarah is great, Dot is great. Explained everything in simple form so you don’t get confused. Keep up the good work."

Joanne Seddon – Introduction course 8th/9th December 2018

“Absolutely amazing, I’ve done many courses but this one I would recommend to everyone, again fantastic. 5 star plus! :)”

Kerry Murphy – Introduction course 8th/9th December 2018

“Very good, lovely assessors and my confidence has improved. Refresher course was great”

Collette Edwards – Refresher Course 4th November 2018

“Brilliant course! Really informative. Made me feel very at ease and confident for future procedures. Thanks very much!”

Gemma Elder – Introduction Course 27th/28th October 2018

“Excellent course, feel able to take bloods confidently and safely, would recommend this course, thank you!!”

Linda McCall – Introduction Course 27th/28th October 2018

“The course was delivered superbly, very informative clear and concise. Made all the more enjoyable by the very knowledgeable, helpful and bubbly professional Dot.”

Maxine Harish – Introduction Course 20/21st October 2018

“I really enjoyed the course. I have more confidence and can’t wait to start a job, so happy!”

Anahita Ahmeilitu – Introduction Course 6th/7th October 2018

“Really informative, good and excellently presented. Sarah delivered fantastically especially where some candidates needed extra help and support.”

Rehena Shaheen – Introduction Course 6th/7th October 2018