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  • 2-day course delivered in Leicester;
  • Level 3 Award;
  • Accredited by a nationally recognised awarding body;
  • Certificates granted sooner than any other provider;
  • Delivered by experienced trainers and phlebotomists;
  • Leads onto Live Bloods and Advanced courses
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Level 3 Award: Introduction to Phlebotomy Practices & Techniques

This 2-day course is delivered in Leicester, and teaches you all you need to be able to perform the venepuncture procedure and set you on the right course to becoming a professional phlebotomist.
It is one of the only courses in the country accredited by a nationally recognised awarding body, the NCFE, which ensures the quality of the teaching and assessment, making it a valuable asset on your CV.

Who Is It For?

This 2 day course is designed for complete beginners with no healthcare/medical experience required but it is also suitable for experienced clinicians, who have never received formal training, looking to reaffirm their knowledge and skills.

What Will I Learn?

The course teaches three units over 30 hours, including 15 hours (2-days) of classroom training, and roughly 15 hours of home study:

Unit 1: Understanding the Role of the Phlebotomist;
Unit 2: Understanding Phlebotomy Practices and Techniques;
Unit 3: Applying Basic Phlebotomy Practices and Techniques

These units, and the contents of the course have been developed in line with the CH132 National Occupational Standard for Obtaining Venous Blood Samples, (written by ‘Skills for Health’ for the NHS).

Day 1:

Day 1 is about the theory of phlebotomy. You will cover:

  • The roles and legal responsibilities of the phlebotomist;
  • Health and safety in the phlebotomy working environment;
  • The importance of gaining informed consent;
  • How to control the spread of infection;
  • How to use and apply a tourniquet;
  • How to deal with a Needle Stick Injury (NSI);
  • The possible complications of venepuncture, and how to deal with them;
  • The anatomy associated with venepuncture;
  • Selecting an appropriate site for venepuncture.

Our trainers are skilled at making the day a fun experience, with many practical exercises and group discussions. You will get to know your fellow students, and work as a team.

Home Study Assignment:

You will be given a number of short written assignments to take home and complete during the evening of day 1. In the morning there will be time to go through your answers with the assessors, and clarify any points.

These assignments ensure that what you have learnt has sunk in, and encourage you to use the course handbook, and external references to top-up your learning through independent investigation.

Day 2:

Day 2 is devoted to practical work, you will cover:

  • Assembling the needle and the correct techniques to hold the needle;
  • The entire venepuncture procedure (including patient care before and after the procedure);
  • How to use a variety of systems (Evacuated, Aspiration and Butterfly).

You will work through the procedure as a group before breaking off to role-play with a partner. You will use state of the art equipment, including wearable pads and artifical arms, with accurate veins and ‘blood’. You will not be drawing blood from your partners. The day will end with a final practical assessment, taking you through a real world role-play scenario.


We order certificates once per month from our accredited provider (NCFE) and as soon as these are received we send these straight out to our learners. We can also issue attendance certificates if required for employers or interviews.

The certificate is valid for 2 years from the date of the course. Within 2 years most people will have accumulated enough experience to surpass this qualification, however, if you feel you need to refresh your skills, for your own personal development, or because you are out of practice, we do offer a shorter refresher course.

What are the course entry requirements?

You do not need any prior qualifications or experience to take part in this course.

The award is a level 3 qualification, so it is deemed to be of a similar difficulty to A Levels. It is preferable if you have at least a Level 2 (GCSE) qualification before starting this course, but not necessary.

You will be asked to complete several written assignments as part of the course assessment. If you feel you may need extra help to complete these assignments, because of a learning or physical disability, you can let us know in the course application form which is emailed to you when you book the course. 


The course venue details will be emailed to you two weeks prior to the course date with the exact location. Usually our Leciester courses are located near Fosse Park.

How Do I Book Onto The Course?

You can book the course by simply adding the course to your basket. You will be taken to the check out where you can fill in a few details, and pay using your credit / debit card or paypal account.

Alternatively you can call our office and we can get this booked over the phone 01332 380777.

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Introductory course

43 reviews for Leicester / 7-8 Dec

  1. Debra Crossfield

    There's a lot to take on board but we were given time to process information and find our own way to retain the information - Tutors were patient and supportive. I enjoyed the course very much

  2. Sandeep Kaur Birk

    Very happy with how the course was delivered by the trainers. Thank you for your help and support. I look forward to implementing my learning into practise.

  3. Kimberly Byford

    The two tutors were very friendly and approachable and put me at ease

  4. Rozmina Adam

    Extremely happy with all aspects of the course, from start to finish. Thank you!

  5. Donna Lock

    Would highly recommend this course and the trainer, would love to do the live bloods course

  6. Sharon Barnett

    The course was very good, the trainer allowed us to ask questions and have several attempts at taking blood and using the equipment.

  7. Susan Henry

    Enjoyable experience

  8. Dennika Durrant

    Excellent Teacher

  9. Stephen Thomas

    Fantastic !!

  10. Lisa Dawson

    Dot is a lovely lady, very knowledgeable and very friendly. Plus she likes to know that you're confident in the process before you leave.

  11. Carol Leavis

    Dot was so friendly, helpful and easy to get on with. She was very professional.

  12. Rhea Crossley

    Really informative, learned lots

  13. Imran Khan

    Teacher was amazing and I passed this course thanks to her patience and style of teaching, huge thanks.

  14. Jotshna Hoque

    A very good course, highly recommendable, great assessors, really enjoyed it. Thank you x

  15. Fatima Sharif

    I have learned a lot about this course because Dot explained to us clearly and I am confident to do this job!

  16. Runa Mian

    I learnt a lot on this course, Dot explained to us clearly and helped me build up my confidence which helped me a lot.

  17. Kristian Buenaventura

    Fantastic motivated trainer, offering great phlebotomy training in a great and friendly atmosphere.

  18. Junatur Nasa

    I really enjoyed the course, I learnt so many things that helped me understand and make me more confident about phlebotomy.

  19. Emma Owen

    Dot has been really great, she has a lovely personality and is very supportive and encouraging, thank you.

  20. Eden Blankley

    Tutor was great, lots of support and friendly.

  21. Hafsa Mohamud

    Excellent learning! Very happy 🙂

  22. Homyra Aktaree

    Very good, we enjoyed the course and learnt lots of things.

  23. Sudha Modhvadia

    Really enjoyed the course 🙂

  24. Omeima Elme

    I had a lovely time learning this new skill. Amazing tutor she made it really easy to understand. I was well informed and I left this course feeling very confident.

  25. Ludmila Mereute

    This course was the best because the trainer is an amazing trainer. Thank you!

  26. Nirmala Loveless

    Julie's presentation, care, support and patience have given me loads of confidence. The trainer has taught me to learn and manage skills and techniques at the highest standards. The teaching assistant was also excellent at supporting in all aspects. thoroughly loved it and enjoyed every moment. Thank you.

  27. Harshinder Virdee

    The course was very good and well stretched. Julie explained everything very we;; and in detail. I've benefited well from the practicality way Julie taught. Very happy I have been on this course, feel very confident to take blood.

  28. Aileen Primrose-Ray

    Julie was very knowledgeable and that showed, very supportive throughout. I feel confident applying the new skills I have, Thank you!

  29. Ebrum Nazim

    I am very happy with the training, the best I've had in my life.

  30. Tania Gibson

    Really enjoyed the course, Julie was brilliant, was worried about concentration but Julie made it constantly interesting, was to the point, and will remember my phlebotomy trainer throughout my career.

  31. Kelly Cooper

    Extremely professional and informative, went above and beyond what was expected of and answered all questions thoroughly.

  32. Robert Chanimbwidza

    This was an excellent delivery of training. The assessor was very knowledgeable, caring and knew her stuff. Well done!

  33. Ndidi Siwoku

    The course was detailed and interesting. Great course instructor.

  34. Nicola Slater

    Having no previous experience I was very nervous about the course. Julie was extremely knowledgeable and made you feel at ease. I left the course feeling confident that I will be able to do this in some sort of career in the future. Fantastic trainer!

  35. Simone Batista Sontos

    Pro Phlebotomy training was a really useful course for me. I learnt a lot about the technique and I would definitely recommend this course to anyone.

  36. prophlebstaff

    Julie is simply amazing. I cannot sing her praises enough. She is very thorough, and her extensive knowledge is amazing. She is passionate about delivering the correct training and instills positive confidence into everyone. Never change Julie, she is the best trainer I've ever come across.

  37. prophlebstaff

    Julie Prince was a great teacher, very informative and thorough.

  38. prophlebstaff

    Julie delivered the course in a way I understood as she was visual and showed me any mistakes I made. She gave me the advice and skills she has learnt throughout her time as a phlebotomist.

  39. prophlebstaff

    I have no complaints, I learnt far more than expected - excellent teacher.

  40. prophlebstaff

    Julie has been amazing. She is very professional and knowledgeable. I feel confident to perform my learnt skills on real patients. Thank you.

  41. prophlebstaff

    Julie is amazing, she gave full honesty and she trained us in a way that was slow and full. If I could do it again, I would.

  42. prophlebstaff

    I learnt a lot from the course. Thank you so much Julie for the brilliant teaching and support throughout the course.

  43. prophlebstaff

    I worked with a very good instructor. Julie helped me a lot and answered all my questions kindly. I learned a lot in this course. Thank you for everything.

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